Tahoe By Design Wedding Planning & Special Events

We Create Magic.


Every couple deserves a day where they' come together in love and experience the wedding they have always dreamed.  Our expertise in South Lake Tahoe will make your destination wedding reflect your personality, style and exude love..  Experience the magic of South Lake Tahoe and leave the wedding planning to experts.  25 years in weddings, event management and corporate events and meeting planning give us the expertise to ensure the day is one you will always cherish and remember.

Each Wedding is Unique


Wedding planning starts by learning about you and what's important.  We craft a vision and style that matches your personality and the feeling you want to convey..  If you're considering South Lake Tahoe, we're here to make your destination wedding one-of-a-kind.

Details... We've Thought of it All!


Tahoe by Design Wedding Planning ensure every detail of your theme is thoughtful & creative. Everything from Invitations, Gifts, Florals, Music, Venue Selection and momre for the perfect destination wedding in South Lake Tahoe and beyond.

The Ferrari of Lake Tahoe


Getting Engaged?

Imagine your surprise when your partner tells you to wait at the marina...  While you are waiting, he or she is on board the elegant, luxurious Mariah Z250 ready to propose with romantic music, flowers and champagne.  Your partner has planned the a one of a kind engagement complete with private boat, scenic tour.  If desired, enjoy a private lakefront candlelight dinner after the cruise.  

Get Married On Lake Tahoe -10 guests

Surprise ten of your close friends and family for a unique charter on the lake which includes a romantic wedding on board, or on shore.  The element of surprise makes this a special occasion you and your guests will never forget.  Imagine pulling into secret harbor where magically it is lit by candlelight.  Enjoy the forest and lake with a magical,  private, exclusive dinner. This experience is exclusive to Tahoe by Design.  Pricing starts at $2,700.  We can make it affordable, creative and completely unique.  Let's talk!

Boat Down the Aisle

This is one of the most creative and fun ways to walk down the aisle at your lakeside wedding.  Imagine the wedding march and the guests are waiting for your arrival.  Suddenly the stunning Grateful Red graciously arrives and your guests are shocked and surprised as you arrive via this private charter.

We've been in the special event and wedding planning industry for 25 years and approach each project with professionalism and provide the trusted advice you need to make your dream destination wedding to South Lake Tahoe come true.  

If prospective wedding planners claim they are experienced because they've planned their "own wedding," run.  Professional wedding and event management takes extensive experience in all facets of project management.  We bring the value and expertise of planning events worldwide and will ensure your wedding receives the highest caliber of planning.

Value.  Weddings do not need to be costly to be incredible.  We will work within your budget to maximize the investment and ensure the day exceeds your expectations.



Full Service Wedding Planning

We begin with crafting the style and theme.  Wedding planning requires a line item budget with all the inclusions of your special day.  

Our management fee is a flat 17%. 

We have the connections to save you money on your destination wedding to South Lake Tahoe.

Theme development

Venue Selection - Ceremony & Reception

Music, Flowers, Decor & Lighting


License & Clergy 

Hair, Make Up and Styling

Rehearsal Dinner

All Details Managed - One Stop


Partial Services

We will provide a custom quote based on the services you need.  Venue selection?  Food and Beverage Planning?  Gifts?  We will itemize the services you need and charge a 17% fee management fee. Expert wedding planning for your South Lake Tahoe destination wedding.


A La Carte - Hourly Rates

When you're planning a destination wedding, sometimes you just need help with the day of the event or help selecting a venue.  We charge $45 an hour for professional planning services.  On site support the day of the wedding is definitely an area we can help.

frequently asked questions


How Much Does it Cost?

There is a range in options for weddings, but what's important is you set a reasonable budget and we make sure you stay within it.  We work with some venues on an all-inclusive price which leaves no surprises and you know the quality and what to expect. Focus on the celebration and leave the wedding planning to us.  We know the inside secrets and cost savings to plan your destination wedding in South Lake Tahoe.

What is Your Process?

We start with getting to know you as a couple and your family and take an inventory of what's important.  We ask you what feeling do you want your wedding to have?  What is your vision?  What is most important?  Wedding planning can be stressful, especially when planning a destination wedding.  

How Do I Plan a Destination Wedding?

When you work with  Tahoe By Design, we manage your event professionally.  We provide a line item budget, timeline, and specific deliverables needed from the bride, groom or family.  We have an initial site visit and wedding planning day, then a site finalization and lastly, the pre-wedding final meeting.  South Lake Tahoe offers the amazing backdrop for your destination wedding.

Wedding Planning is Stressful! What can I expect?

Professional wedding planning makes the the process enjoyable and fun.  We ensure you have the tools you need to make the decisions and ensure the process is smooth. We know it can be stressful planning a destination wedding and we understand the importance of having a team who knows South Lake Tahoe and has expertise, creativity and offers value.

Can You Help Me with a Wedding Website?

Yes.  We work with couples on developing social media, website and content that is easily accessible for guests.  It is helpful for wedding guests to have the information they need online, at a glance with helpful details.  We provide helpful information and travel information for South Lake Tahoe.

Why Can I Trust Tahoe By Design

We've been in the special event and wedding planning industry for 25 years and approach each project with professionalism and provide the trusted advice you need to make your dream destination wedding to South Lake Tahoe come true.